2 Easy Ways to Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location/GPS Not Found

Pokemon Go failed to detect location or GPS not found has been one of the most common problems encounter by the players. Everyone knows that GPS plays the most important role to play Pokemon Go game. The players must walk according to their GPS shown on the screen to find the Pokemon in every corner of the street. Failing to detect location will be troublesome. It’s as if the game is refused to play. If you are facing this problem, then read the article on this page. We are going to share how to fix failed to detect location on Pokemon Go fly GPS.

How to fix gps not found on pokemon go

Every smartphone, regardless Android or iPhone has GPS built in. It’s a must feature that every phone should have. This GPS feature can help you to find location on the map and also tell you your location. This GPS can also be a help to show directions to a place that you have never been before. So basically this is one must feature that you need when dealing with location.

We all know that Pokemon Go depends a lot on the GPS on your smartphones to run. But lately, there are many players send us a report that their Pokemon Go failed to detect location. Moreover, most of them are Android users. To be able to solve this problem, we need to find what cause their Android smartphones failed to detect location Pokemon Go.

What cause Pokemon Go failed to detect location?

Unlike Apple, Android smartphones are manufactured by various companies which have different parameters. They use different material to make the smartphone component which could cause different result in showing GPS. We have tested that some android smartphones shows different location even though we are using them on the same location.

failed to detect location pokemon go

Another error that makes Pokemon Go failed to detect location is the ‘Allow Mock Locations’ feature on Android smartphones. This feature allows the users to hide their real locations. However, Niantic doesn’t approve this. The Pokemon Go players must show their real location or they will not be able to play the game.

If the players decline to show their real locations, Pokemon Go game will stop playing and an error ‘Failed to detect location’ will appear on their screen. Then, how to fix failed to detect location on Pokemon Go fly GPS? Check the solution below.

How to Fix Failed to Detect Location on Pokemon Go

There are two methods to fix the Pokemon Go failed to detect location on your Android smartphones. Read the following steps thoroughly to have a full understanding before proceeding. We suggest you to close the Pokemon Go game and make sure it doesn’t run on the background before following the steps below.

Method 1: Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location/GPS not Found

The first thing you must check is the GPS Location feature. Make sure you put the GPS location feature on the High accuracy mode. So your phone can recognize your exact location. To check whether your phone is in the High accuracy mode, do the following:

  • Go to Settings and find the Location option. Use the search feature to find it easily because every phone puts this feature in the different section. Some might find it in the additional settings section and other might find it in the Privacy section.
  • Enable the Location access to use it.
  • Choose High accuracy mode under the Location Mode section.

Now you have set the GPS on your Android phone. To take the effect, you can restart your Android devices. The error failed to detect location on Pokemon Go should have gone by now. Open Pokemon Go and see the result. You should have been able to fix the failed to detect location on Pokemon Go. If the error persists, try the second method below.

pokemon go failed to detect location

Method 2: Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location Mock GPS

If you have tried the first method above and Pokemon Go still fails to detect location, then it could be because the Allow Mock Locations feature on your phone is still on. This feature will block the Pokemon Go game to get the real location of yours. You must turn this feature off. Follow the steps below to do it:

  • Go to Settings and find Developer Options. Use the search option for easier way to find it.
  • If you cannot find the Developer Options, or probably have never activated this option before, you can go to About Phone or About Device options and continuously tap the Build Number. After a few times tapping, a pop up saying Developer options have been enabled will appear.
  • Open Developer Options and scroll down to find Allow Mock Locations options.
  • Turn off or disable the Allow Mock Locations options.
  • Restart your Phone. You should no longer see the error failed to detect location on Pokemon Go by now.

pokemon go failed to detect location mock gps

Those are the two easy ways to fix Pokemon Go failed to detect location/GPS not found on your Android smartphones. Does this article helpful for your? If it is, please share it to others. Check also the Pokemon games on GBA4iOS app if you are interested in playing retro games.