Download GBA4iOS for Android Alternative

GBA4iOS as one of the best Game Boy Advance Emulator application is only available for iOS devices. You will be disappointed if you are trying to find this app for Android devices. However, there are plenty of alternative GBA emulator applications that work for Android devices. In this website, we will give you a review about one of the best GBA emulator for Android that works as best as GBA4iOS app. One of the best GBA Emulator app for Android is My Boy!

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My Boy! App: GBA4iOS for Android Alternative

My Boy is one of the best GBA emulators that works perfectly on Android devices. This app is free and supports thousands of GBA games. Not only that, My Boy! app also comes with a lot of great features, such as fast forward, save data anywhere, link cable support (Wifi and Bluetooth), Cheat Code and many more. Moreover, My Boy GBA emulator for Android has easy-controlled and clean user interface which make us easy to play the Gameboy Advance games.

With My Boy – GBA Emulator for Android, we can play the GBA games that were once popular. I believe you are familiar to GBA games such as Pokemon Fire Red Version, Pokemon Emerald, Super Mario Bros Advance 4, Dragonball Z, Naruto, The Legend of Zelda, Yu-Gi-Oh, Metal Slug, Crash Bandicot and many more. Those GBA games that once became your most-liked games now are able to be played again. Plus, you can play them all on your smartphone with the help of My Boy GBA Emulator.

The developers of My Boy GBA emulator has worked very hard to make it one of the best GBA emulators. It’s proven as the only GBA emulator that saves more battery power compare to others. For the saving data, My Boy is able to save the data anywhere and anytime. Even you can connect it to Dropbox and Google Drive so your saved data remain safe. Even, we can open the saved data from other Android devices. It’s cool, isn’t it?

If you are interested to My Boy GBA Emulator, then you can read the tutorial about how to download My Boy for Android below.

download gba emulator for android

Download My Boy GBA Emulator for Android

My Boy GBA Emulator run flawlessly on Android devices. It’s a small app, but with a great value. My Boy GBA emulator app is available on the Google Play Store. So, it’s easy for us to download My Boy GBA emulator for Android.

Actually, there are free and paid version of My Boy GBA emulator for Android. The free version contains ads within, while the paid version doesn’t have ads. The other difference is the developers supports. The developers will quickly fix the bugs that you find on the paid version than the free version. However, if you are find to have the ads appears on your screen, the free version is still good to download. The most important thing is the My Boy free version has the same features as the paid one. But before you download My Boy GBA emulator, please check the detail information about the application below.

My Boy – GBA Emulator Application Information

  • Name: My Boy! – GBA Emulator
  • System: Nintendo Gameboy Advance
  • Platform: Android
  • Size: 2.21MB
  • Version: 1.7.3

Install My Boy! – GBA Emulator for Android

  1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  2. Type My Boy! in the search box. You’ll get the results right away.
  3. Tap on My Boy! Free GBA Emulator and tap ‘Install’ button.
  4. Once the downloading is complete, tap ‘Open’ to start using My Boy! Free GBA emulator for Android.

My Boy! Free GBA Emulator for Android is now ready to use. You can start to play GBA games on your Android gadget. However, My Boy! GBA Emulator for Android doesn’t include the GBA games. It means you have to find the GBA games by yourself. Luckily there are thousands of GBA games on the internet. You can read the tutorial about how to download GBA games to play on My Boy! for Android below.

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How to Add GBA Games on My Boy! for Android

  1. Launch your mobile browser like Chrome or others.
  2. Go to Gameboy Advance games page or by typing it on the address bar.
  3. Download the Game Boy Advance games that you want to play. Since the file is in zip format, you need to extract it using zip extractor or rar extractor app. You can download this app on the Google Play Store for free.
  4. After the download is complete, extract the zip file and place it in the folder that you can remember easily.
  5. Launch My Boy! Free GBA Emulator for Android and go to the folder where you save the game. Tap the game to play it.
  6. Enjoy!

You are now ready to play GBA games on your Android gadget using My Boy! GBA emulator for Android. Enjoy the nostalgic of playing the old Game Boy Advance games. However, if you need a help to finish the games, you can use the Cheat Codes of the game.

Play GBA games on other devices

GBA emulator surely supports many platforms. There are GBA emulator for iPhone, PC Windows and even Mac OSX.

GBA Emulator for iPhone

If you are using iOS devices, you can visit GBA4iOS for iOS, iPhone and iPad page to download the GBA emulator. So that you can also play GBA games on your iOS smartphone.

GBA Emulator for PC Windows and Laptop

GBA emulator is also available for PC Windows. It supports various version of Windows, such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Read the detail information on GBA4iOS for PC Windows and Laptop page.

GBA Emulator for Mac OSX

Are you using MacBook? Don’t worry. GBA emulator for Mac OSX is also available. Check the GBA4iOS for Mac OSX page to get the GBA emulator.

That’s it about GBA4iOS for Android alternative review. Thank you for reading. Please share this information so that everyone knows how to play GBA games on Android smartphones.


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