How to Fix NDS4iOS Cannot Add ROM

Recently, the developers for NDS4iOS app has launched updates. The new update brings support for NDS4iOS app for iOS 11 and iPhone X. It also has a lot improvements in the performance. But a problem occurs. Many people are wondering about how to download NDS ROM and add it to NDS4iOS for iOS 11/10/9. Fortunately we have the answer. In this article, we will tell you how to fix NDS4iOS cannot add ROMs.

The reason why many people fail to add NDS ROM to NDS4iOS for iOS 11 without computer is because the ‘+’ button on the right top has gone. The NDS4iOS developers team decided to erase the plus button due to the legal issue with Nintendo. Even so, we can still add ROMs to NDS4iOS iOS 11 without computer.

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how to add roms to nds4ios 2018

NDS4iOS Features:

  • Auto Save
  • Control Settings
  • Dropbox Sync
  • Universal support
  • Control Position, etc.

How to Fix NDS4iOS cannot Add ROM 2018

After you have installed NDS4iOS on iOS 11 devices, you probably want to add NDS ROM right away by downloading it from your favorite website. But without any reason you might fail to download the ROM or NDS4iOS ROMs are not showing. This is understandable because we also had the problem.

We finally figured out why NDS4iOS doesn’t appear on the list of recommended apps when you are about to download NDS ROMs. It’s because NDS4iOS for iOS 11/10/9 can only read zip files. So, you must download NDS games ROMs with zip format files.


Download NDS game ROM from because this website provides NDS games ROM in zip format already. But unfortunately this website doesn’t provide complete NDS games. If you cannot find the NDS games that you are looking for on this website, you can try the method 2.


The second method needs more effort.

  1. Download NDS games ROM from your favorite website using your PC.
  2. If the NDS games ROMs are not in the zip format, you can extract using the winzip or winrar or similar apps.
  3. Then, compress the file that you have just extracted using winzip app to create a zip files.
  4. Next, upload the NDS game that you have just compressed to your Google Drive.
  5. After that, open your Google Drive account from your iPhone or iPad and download the NDS game.

Now, NDS4iOS for iOS 11 will show up in the recommendation apps when you are trying to download the NDS games ROM. Choose NDS4iOS and copy the NDS ROM. Then, open your NDS4iOS for iOS 11 and play the NDS game.

If you think that the steps in method 2 are quite hard for you to follow, try the method 3.


This is the last thing you can do if you fail to follow the method 2 above. Download iNDS for iOS 11/10/9. iNDS for iOS 11/10/9 is an NDS4iOS alternative app. This app can play Nintendo DS games on your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. Download iNDS for iPhone from this page.

Unlike NDS4iOS for iOS that is only able to read zip files, iNDS for iOS 11 can read zip and 7z files format. So it will be easier for you to download NDS games ROM from a website like

Want to play GBA games? Download the GBA4iOS emulator app to play them.

That’s all the review about how to fix NDS4iOS cannot add ROM. By following the tutorial above, you can add roms to NDS4iOS without computer. We hope it can enlighten you.

Do you have another way to add NDS games ROM to NDS4iOS? Please share it on the comment box below.