How to Insert Cheat Codes in GBA4iOS for iPhone

One feature that makes GBA4iOS the best Game Boy Advance emulator is the Cheat Codes. GBA4iOS download allows the users to insert the cheat codes which will give some advantageous instantly, such as unlimited money, rare items, boost the ability, and many more. This feature is one of the reason why many people like GBA4iOS for iPhone so much. And in this website, we will learn how to insert the cheat codes in GBA4iOS for iPhone.

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There are a lot of cheat codes that we can use for GBA games. Luckily, this GBA4iOS for iPhone supports most of the cheat codes. We have tried some of the cheat codes in the GBA4iOS app when playing some popular GBA games such as Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Emerald Version, Dragonball Z, Super Mario Bros and else. The cheat codes work perfectly. Thus, follow the steps below:

How to Insert Cheat Codes in GBA4iOS for iPhone or iPad

The first thing to do when you want to use the Cheat Codes in GBA4iOS on iPhone is searching the cheat codes that you will apply on your favorite games. You can search the cheat codes on the internet yourself. After you have found the cheat codes that you want to use, follow the guides below:

  1. Play any GBA games that you want to apply the cheat codes for.
  2. Tap the menu button and then tap “Cheat Codes”. Then, tap ‘I understand’ in the popup message.
  3. Tap Edit in the top left corner and tap + in the top right corner to add the cheat codes.
  4. Write the name of the Cheat codes, then choose one of the three types of the cheat codes.
  5. Insert the cheat codes based on the format of the cheat codes. The cheat codes will not work if you insert the wrong codes for the wrong format.
  6. Tap Save in the top right corner to save the cheat codes.

how to insert cheat codes in gba4ios

how to add cheat codes in gba4ios

Some of the Cheat Codes needs a Master Codes to work. So, you must enter the Master Codes before entering the other cheat codes. Each GBA game has different Master Codes so you must check carefully the master codes that are working for the GBA games which you are playing.

What types of Cheat Codes that GBA4iOS supported?

There are three format of cheat codes that we can use in GBA4iOS for iOS devices:

  1. Action Replay with code format XXXXXXXXX YYYYYYY.
  2. GameShark with code format XXXXXXXX YYYYYYYY.
  3. Code Breaker with code format XXXXXXXX YYYY.

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How can I add new Cheat Codes for GBA4iOS?

You can follow the steps above to add more cheat codes in the GBA games that you are playing. Make sure you write the correct codes and use the correct name or label to avoid confusion toward the codes since there are plenty cheat codes available for each GBA games.

How can I enable/disable the cheat codes?

When you insert a cheat code in GBA4iOS for iPhone, the cheat code will automatically active once you save it. You can turn it off or disable the cheat codes when you no longer need it.

To disable the Cheat Codes in GBA4iOS for iOS devices, tap menu while playing the GBA games, tap Cheat Codes and then tap the cheat codes that you want to disable. The words ‘enable’ on the right side will disappear. It means that you have successfully disabled the Cheat Code. You can tap it once again to enable it.

how to disable or enable cheat codes in gba4ios

There might be thousands of cheat codes for the GBA games that you are playing. But, it’s wise to use only some cheat codes that you need the most. In our opinion, applying all the cheat codes in the games will somehow reduce the fun of playing the games. But it’s up to you to use all cheat codes or some.

Besides supporting Cheat Codes, you can also change the GBA4iOS skin in case you are bored with the default skin of GBA4iOS for iPhone. Visit how to change to GBA4iOS for iPhone page to get the detail tutorial of it. Happy playing!